Saturday, December 11, 2010

Into the Vortex

For her birthday, the Flower Lady and I went to the World's Foremost Display Gardens. I finally got a chance to view the massive arrangement(s) the FL has been working on. She's very proud of the role she played and well she should be! You can see the handiwork of the artists in these photos of the various parts.

Note "The Vortex" above. Do NOT stare directly into the Vortex for more than 30 seconds! Neither The Flower Lady's Husband's Blog nor its mysterious backers are responsible for people getting dizzy, keeling over and hitting their heads, or, for that matter, being excessively vulnerable to questionable suggestions! Use caution at all times!

You might be wondering what's going on with the arrangement. What does it all mean, FLH? Glad you asked. You see, all year the World's Foremost Display Gardens have been featuring scented plants in their magnificent displays, and the structure seen here represents a perfume bottle. The "scent" is coming out the top and kind of swirling downward. Pretty cool. Inside that tent-like thing is a display of antique perfume bottles. Also pretty cool.

And here are some details. Come visit-- it's absolutely unique! Only at the World's Foremost Display Gardens!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look...

So I get back from a trip on official business, and I find this on the dining room table. Roses! It's almost the Flower Lady's birthday-- I hope she doesn't have a secret admirer! Yikes!

I did get her a present, though-- lottery tickets. And people don't think I'm romantic!

If it's the Flower Lady's birthday, you know what's just around the corner...


From the Photo Archives

We've been running the class in Miss S's Chemistry Lab at the local high school. Sometimes we are greeted with the results of some ve-e-rr-r-y interesting experiments!
Should have gotten this up at Halloween. Go Lions!