Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Human Ingenuity

In our never-ending quest to dominate the floral decorating industry through vertical integration, The Flower Lady and I recently visited a local vase-making facility. You know those scruffy-looking teens and post-teens who wander around the mall looking like they couldn't tie their shoelaces on the first try? Well, some of them have jobs! They were working there. Not the guy in the picture--he's one of the glassblowers--but they were there assisting. Apprentices on a different career path. Quite inspiring, it was. They had to be alert, attentive, and focused: hot, molten glass is not exactly user-friendly. Dangerous, unforgiving stuff on which to practice a skill difficult to master. So hats off, future glassblowers!

All of which goes to say how much skill is involved in the floral designer's art. You've got to have the right container. And that's just the beginning.

Next week, the FL and I jet down to South America to visit our vast flower plantations. Hasta la vista!

Wouldn't You LIke to Hear More about Health Care?

So, I'm at the doctor's. Nothing serious, folks-- you're all just going to have to keep reading this blog for a long time to come. Anyway, I like my doctor. Lovely girl, smart as a whip. She likes a lab coat over blue jeans. Of course, the blue jeans today are all cut very low. So, she's telling me about the dangers of high blood pressure, and I'm thinking, "Doctor, I can see your underwear!" Disconcerting. Shouldn't she have been looking at my underwear?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Under the Wisteria

The Flower Lady remarked the other day that the wisterias have been exceptionally beautiful this year, and I agree. Of course, here in Zone 7 they peaked 3 or 4 weeks ago, but we photographed some beautiful examples.

Tomorrow, the FL and I celebrate our Engagement Anniversary. Don't snicker, men-- you should celebrate the day. Maybe it was the first time in your life you stepped up to the plate; maybe, for once in your life, you did the right thing. So mark the occasion: you might not be the damfool you think you are.

The Flower Lady became mine on a Friday long ago. We both had taken the day off to visit Longwood Gardens. And it rained. Hard. I was hoping to propose in the rather grand setting of the Italian Fountains, but-- it's quite open there and water was already pouring down all over us. So I shepherded her into the Wisteria Garden. A tall wooden structure there supports the massive vines. A wooden structure with nine square feet of roof creating the only dry spot in the whole gardens. In that spot was a wrought-iron bench for two. I didn't hesitate.

And-- The Flower Lady said "Yes." End of, no, beginning of--blessed beginning of--story.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Quite Liveblogging the Flower Show!

Some of you want to know how Graduation Nite turned out. Some of you are interested in the Mother's Day class (think topiaries!) recently completed. Some of you want spring gardening tips.

But I refuse to pander, ladies and gentlemen! Herewith, a report, instead, on our vacation.

Yes, another vacation! You see, it is a well-known fact, borne out by innumerable studies, that a person needs a vacation every three months. Check with your HR department.

So, the FL and I sped off to another Undisclosed Location. I can't tell you where it is, but I will say that this year they hosted the Cape May Garden Club Flower Show. We were quite taken by the festivities and impressed by the high level of floral arranging activity.

Above, a charming table setting with pink rose arrangement.

The Flower Lady liked these miniatures, all in yellow. Perhaps because they were such a contrast to her professional avocation, the huge public arrangement.

Here's more what the FL does, below. Beautiful arrangement, and we liked the ingenious use of plastic wrap in the stem of the vase to create a bubbly appearance.

Yes, difficult lighting conditions, but nothing stops your intrepid reporter!

A final note: I wish to commend the guys and gals of the Cape May Technical High School for their enlightening exhibits and very smart uniforms!

Farewell from Vacationland!