Saturday, December 11, 2010

Into the Vortex

For her birthday, the Flower Lady and I went to the World's Foremost Display Gardens. I finally got a chance to view the massive arrangement(s) the FL has been working on. She's very proud of the role she played and well she should be! You can see the handiwork of the artists in these photos of the various parts.

Note "The Vortex" above. Do NOT stare directly into the Vortex for more than 30 seconds! Neither The Flower Lady's Husband's Blog nor its mysterious backers are responsible for people getting dizzy, keeling over and hitting their heads, or, for that matter, being excessively vulnerable to questionable suggestions! Use caution at all times!

You might be wondering what's going on with the arrangement. What does it all mean, FLH? Glad you asked. You see, all year the World's Foremost Display Gardens have been featuring scented plants in their magnificent displays, and the structure seen here represents a perfume bottle. The "scent" is coming out the top and kind of swirling downward. Pretty cool. Inside that tent-like thing is a display of antique perfume bottles. Also pretty cool.

And here are some details. Come visit-- it's absolutely unique! Only at the World's Foremost Display Gardens!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look...

So I get back from a trip on official business, and I find this on the dining room table. Roses! It's almost the Flower Lady's birthday-- I hope she doesn't have a secret admirer! Yikes!

I did get her a present, though-- lottery tickets. And people don't think I'm romantic!

If it's the Flower Lady's birthday, you know what's just around the corner...


From the Photo Archives

We've been running the class in Miss S's Chemistry Lab at the local high school. Sometimes we are greeted with the results of some ve-e-rr-r-y interesting experiments!
Should have gotten this up at Halloween. Go Lions!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Did I have a productive weekend, or what? Look at that-- neatly stacked plastic containers, each with a lid. Beautiful. And I did that after tree-trimming. I mean, really trimming, with axe and bow saw. The tools that cleared the prairie, son. I was up on the ladder, too. The Flower Lady worries so when I'm up there. So we won't tell her. I think a little "Don't ask, don't tell" is absolutely necessary sometimes, don't you?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

White Christmas Coming

The Flower Lady reports that the big Christmas project is going very well. Here's a preview. You'll all have to visit the World's Foremost Display Gardens to see the whole thing. When it's done.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lots to catch up on! We went to the opera. Poor Violetta! She sang very well, especially considering that nasty cough. But you know, they didn't give her any flowers at the end. That disturbed me. I did see some floral decoration on the walls, so I took a picture.

That structure reminds me of the other structure: the Flower Lady made it as a demo for the class. They all made structures, and florally decorated them! And then they had to brave the parking lot on the windiest day of the season. But all structures survived and stood tall, I'm happy to report.

(By the way, those are the FL's watercolors from her student days on the wall.)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Haiku-like Entry

Last week was Ikebana Week.

The Flower Lady puts in some extra study.

The bowls all laid out. Looks like a game of Go.

The class went very well.

Contemplate this:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

More American Craftsmanship

In honor of Election Day, I'm showcasing some more American craftsmanship! My mother, God bless her, sewed several aprons for the Flower Lady's class. Here's the Flower Lady striking a pose. Stunning!

She also got a purply one made just for her!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Had so much fun blogging yesterday I've come back for more. I was out in search of a Flowmaster 400 at lunchtime and spied this little beauty. Chevy pickup, model 3100. 1952? Not even gussied up for a car show, it was parked in front of the hardware store as if it were...1952, or something.

Gave me a pleasant little shiver, it did.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ta-daa-a! I'm back! I know I haven't blogged much lately-- but summers should be lazy, no? Thanks to The Flower Lady for taking up the blogging slack!

Isn't this a pretty wreath? Refreshingly so, I would say. Recently done by one of the FL's students. As you've probably guessed, classes have begun. The FL says, time flies after Labor Day and speeds up even more after Halloween.

Speeds towards what, you might ask? Towards Christmas, of course! Have I mentioned the Flower Lady loves Christmas? She's especially excited this year: she's been invited to assist in creating a large artistic display in a horticulturally prestigious location. She's thrilled to be on the project, which will begin soon. We wish her many happy hours of productive labor and every artistic success!

Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


The Flower Lady speaks again. It's been a long, hot summer. The 'girl's' blushed as predicted and now it's time for harvest. Here's a picture of zinnias grown from last year's saved seeds. They are the delight of the finches who come and feast on their nectar & seeds. They are amazing ~~ actually hang upside down to access the delicacy. The added benefit is that they delight us just watching them. Nature is so wonderful if we only take the time to stop, look & listen . It demands we take the time to be still and know that there is a God that provides for all his creatures ~~ humans included if we allow ourselves to be open to beauty, quiet & awe. How can anyone say there is no God?????

Today, we encountered a mystery of nature. I'd arranged a bunch of wonderful sunflowers & grass out on our deck. I'd left it outside to hydrate & make sure there were no resident bugs. Later, I brought it inside placed it on the DR table. After dinner, we went out on the deck & noticed sunflower petals & seeds on the rail of our deck. I went in & checked the arrangement & sure enough, one of the sunflower heads had been bitten off (assuming by a squirrel). I'm wondering where he carried it off to. Nature is so wonder~full !!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Flower Lady Speaks

Happy Birthday to the Flower Lady's husband. Won't divulge his age. Age is only a number as far as I'm concerned. What matters is the youthfulness of his spirit which captivates my heart over & over again. When we met I felt young all over again. Life felt like it was beginning rather than waning. And that's how it's been the past ten or so years. I am so blessed to be his wife.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Girls

My Early Girls, taken 6/28. Think we'll make it? Tomatoes by the Fourth of July? The Flower Lady says, "They're not even blushing." It is true: girls today just don't blush like they used to.

Friday, June 18, 2010

June, Bustin' Out

Trying out a new template. Is it too sophisticated??

The Flower Lady was commenting, as we sat in the barely fading light of day here in the Northern Hemisphere, that the days actually get shorter as we go through the summer. Doesn't seem right, does it? And why is the first day of summer called Midsummer's Day? Hmm? Well, I'm sure the correct answer is out there somewhere on the Intranet. Let me know what you find out.

It's been a beautiful June, albeit warm. Not enough of those crisp, blue, fall-like skies and "that high-builded cloud, moving at summer's pace." June can be very beautiful here in our little valley; it can also bring two weeks at a time of misery-inducing rain and 55-degree temps, just when you've been entertaining visions of lolling in the sun. But after October, it's our most reliably enjoyable month.

And things are bustin' out. The catbird and I have been dueling over our bounteous crop of blueberries. He likes them just a bit tangier than I do. But the FL and I have managed to cop our fair share. And, across the way, a young lady of our acquaintance has found her true beau, and wedding plans are afoot! I am, it is true, "neither father nor lover," but having listened to her tales of the trials and tribulations of young adulthood for some years now, I feel a proprietary interest. Like the country squire marrying off his parlor maid to the village smithy. June, young love, hopes and dreams...rather makes the heart melt, doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Temperature's Rising!

We didn't really go to Rio, as I intimated in the last post. Lear jet's in the shop! So we stayed home, celebrated Memorial Day, and prepared for summer.

The FL always makes some nice plant groupings for the deck.

Table for two (for you know who), alfresco.

Tomatoes are in the ground. We're ready for summer!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Human Ingenuity

In our never-ending quest to dominate the floral decorating industry through vertical integration, The Flower Lady and I recently visited a local vase-making facility. You know those scruffy-looking teens and post-teens who wander around the mall looking like they couldn't tie their shoelaces on the first try? Well, some of them have jobs! They were working there. Not the guy in the picture--he's one of the glassblowers--but they were there assisting. Apprentices on a different career path. Quite inspiring, it was. They had to be alert, attentive, and focused: hot, molten glass is not exactly user-friendly. Dangerous, unforgiving stuff on which to practice a skill difficult to master. So hats off, future glassblowers!

All of which goes to say how much skill is involved in the floral designer's art. You've got to have the right container. And that's just the beginning.

Next week, the FL and I jet down to South America to visit our vast flower plantations. Hasta la vista!

Wouldn't You LIke to Hear More about Health Care?

So, I'm at the doctor's. Nothing serious, folks-- you're all just going to have to keep reading this blog for a long time to come. Anyway, I like my doctor. Lovely girl, smart as a whip. She likes a lab coat over blue jeans. Of course, the blue jeans today are all cut very low. So, she's telling me about the dangers of high blood pressure, and I'm thinking, "Doctor, I can see your underwear!" Disconcerting. Shouldn't she have been looking at my underwear?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Under the Wisteria

The Flower Lady remarked the other day that the wisterias have been exceptionally beautiful this year, and I agree. Of course, here in Zone 7 they peaked 3 or 4 weeks ago, but we photographed some beautiful examples.

Tomorrow, the FL and I celebrate our Engagement Anniversary. Don't snicker, men-- you should celebrate the day. Maybe it was the first time in your life you stepped up to the plate; maybe, for once in your life, you did the right thing. So mark the occasion: you might not be the damfool you think you are.

The Flower Lady became mine on a Friday long ago. We both had taken the day off to visit Longwood Gardens. And it rained. Hard. I was hoping to propose in the rather grand setting of the Italian Fountains, but-- it's quite open there and water was already pouring down all over us. So I shepherded her into the Wisteria Garden. A tall wooden structure there supports the massive vines. A wooden structure with nine square feet of roof creating the only dry spot in the whole gardens. In that spot was a wrought-iron bench for two. I didn't hesitate.

And-- The Flower Lady said "Yes." End of, no, beginning of--blessed beginning of--story.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Quite Liveblogging the Flower Show!

Some of you want to know how Graduation Nite turned out. Some of you are interested in the Mother's Day class (think topiaries!) recently completed. Some of you want spring gardening tips.

But I refuse to pander, ladies and gentlemen! Herewith, a report, instead, on our vacation.

Yes, another vacation! You see, it is a well-known fact, borne out by innumerable studies, that a person needs a vacation every three months. Check with your HR department.

So, the FL and I sped off to another Undisclosed Location. I can't tell you where it is, but I will say that this year they hosted the Cape May Garden Club Flower Show. We were quite taken by the festivities and impressed by the high level of floral arranging activity.

Above, a charming table setting with pink rose arrangement.

The Flower Lady liked these miniatures, all in yellow. Perhaps because they were such a contrast to her professional avocation, the huge public arrangement.

Here's more what the FL does, below. Beautiful arrangement, and we liked the ingenious use of plastic wrap in the stem of the vase to create a bubbly appearance.

Yes, difficult lighting conditions, but nothing stops your intrepid reporter!

A final note: I wish to commend the guys and gals of the Cape May Technical High School for their enlightening exhibits and very smart uniforms!

Farewell from Vacationland!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Graduation Night, cont.

So, getting back to Graduation Night... You know, The Flower Lady led a class in making an Easter buffet arrangement, and now she has a Mother's Day project comimg up soon. It's one darn thing after another around here! But I wanted to put some more pictures up from Graduation Night. So here are the birds-of-paradise, pre-class, all wrapped up in their paper sleeves. Don't worry, they don't mind the sleeves. It calms them. Keeps them from flying off.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

I like this photo better-- the official Easter "portrait." And we've had some beautiful weather since then. I got outside and took this picture of spring beauties on a nearby estate.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Floral Interruptus

Okay,okay, there's been another hiatus. Sorry to leave you in the middle of the last class, but-- I'm only one man here!

I had a boss who used to say "hiatus," as in "There was quite a hiatus over that one, let me tell you." What he meant was "brouhaha," or "flap," or "hullabaloo." A big disruption, things coming to a standstill, or a pretty pass, and generally ending with a lot of shouting. (Vocabulary note for the day.) Nothing like that going on on our blog, fortunately.

Here's a pic-- it's part of a vast Easter table scape that the Flower Lady put together from various elements lying around. Note the bunny at bottom. Also, the strands of palm in with the daffodils. I see I got part of my glass of wine in there, too, at left. "New wine in the Kingdom," don't you know.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Graduation Prep, Final Touch

Voila! The French knot-- formidable!

By the way: green plastic rocks-- byproduct of peanut processing?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last night was Graduation Night. You see, The Flower Lady divides her classes into Basic and Advanced courses. Last night, the Basics graduated. The FL told them they were "the best class ever!" She showed them how to "pop the birds, lace the Thai leaves, and wire the Scotch broom," all in one night. Plus, she was re-cycling like crazy. So I have a lot to cover.

Look, here she is, the day before, making vases out of old plastic jars from work that used to be shipping containers for decorative green plastic rocks-- honest, that's what they are and that's what was in them. That's contact paper on the outside of the vases.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going Up?

The Flower Lady's first class of the Spring Semester was last Tuesday. Now, there has been a 300% increase in enrollment. While enrollment in the FL's class is not normally recognized as a leading economic indicator, there are certainly some who would see this as a sign of economic recovery. Nothing in this blog should be construed as investment advice-- but perhaps you should call your broker.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"High Society"

For the first time in many years, the Flower Lady didn't have to work the retail front lines on Valentine's Day. Indeed, she became a customer herself, and purchased some flowers at the local produce market just after the big day, and found these very nice "High Society" roses at a very nice price. The FL judged they're probably the last decent roses left in the Western Hemisphere. Gentlemen, don't count on making such a find yourself. When it comes to Valentine's Day, the FL recommends tulips.

In other news, enough snow finally melted for us to rediscover our deck. I knew it was under there somewhere!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coming Clean

So, folks, I told the FL about our little secret: she now knows about the blog. She had wondered why I was taking all those pictures. But she said she was glad to be my Flower Lady. She is so sweet! I told her she was now Flower Lady to the whole Cyber World!

She also told me to correct the entry on the tillandsia, that it was actually grown in Florida. But-- why remove a wisecrack about New Jersey? Besides, orchids are somewhat related, and there are orchid growers in New Jersey. Beauty can be found in the most unaccounted places!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hard at Work

Stopped by the Flower Lady's workplace to check up on things. This interesting, spiky accent on an arrangement going out is a tillandsia. It's related to the bromeliads and native to Central and South America. This particular tillandsia, however, hails from New Jersey.

The Flower Lady was especially excited about the silk arrangement, destined for a downtown hotel lobby. FL liked the silks, with their faux ice coating.

For a flower person, the FL is quite fond of winter. I think it's because she likes Christmas. And her birthday is in December. And our anniversary. Now I like December, and winter, too--as long as I have my Flower Lady!

"Christmas" Vacation

The Flower Lady and I hied away to our own Undisclosed Location to enjoy a winter getaway. Nothing fancy or exotic: a prime rib buffet and a swimming pool and we're happy campers! We had a glorious weekend and duly noted the floral arrangements. This one, at the entrance to the hotel, was one that pleased the FL's eye.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

See What I Mean?

The very next day, the Flower Lady bought home some lilies and added them to the birthday greens arrangement. See what I mean about keeping up with the FL? They couldn't use the lilies at work because they had already opened, and the arrangements wouldn't be delivered till after the weekend. The FL has to design with closed lilies precisely timed to open for the week they are on display in some fancy-schmancy legal office. You have to know what you are doing in the corporate design world!